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Plans afoot for Dubai’s first underwater hotel

The Water Discus hotel has been designed by Polish company Deep Ocean Technology (DOT) with the help of Swiss firm BIG InvestConsult AG. The hotel will comprise of two discs - one under the water, and one suspended above the water. The discs will be connected by five legs, and a vertical shaft in the center housing stairs and a lift.

The underwater section will be up to 10 meters beneath the sea surface, and contain 21 double rooms adjacent to a dive center and a bar. Each room has been designed to ‘integrate with the underwater world as closely as possible’.

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Entry Point, 2012
acrylic on birch, 40x40in
private collection

Shadow DN4 1974, campeão da extinta - e saudosa - categoria Can Am, pilotado por George Follmer e representado aqui pelo artista Miha Furlan (marcador e lápis de cor sobre papel), 


Martin Satí (facebook) gives name to a small graphic studio located in Seville city that started its professional journey in 2006, focusing his work on art direction, graphic design and illustration. 

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Golden Parachutes by James Bills

Collection of abstract isometric mathematical artworks designed with rolling dice data - via Data Is Nature:

James Bills series of projection drawings, Golden Parachutes, are generated by random numbers obtained from a series of of polyhedral dice throws. Each aleotoric drawing uses a different system, indicated by its title (such as 1xRxR or 8x8xR), to translate those numbers into indeterminate isometric lattices characterised by spectrographic elevation columns. Gold leaf gilding punctuates the upper parts of these columns resulting in illuminated grids of squares that hover above the main architectural structures.

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Porsche e Ferrari: Duelo de titans em Le Mans. Por Miha Furlan (marcador sobre papel)

BLACKBIRD SOAP | #design_rt_

by Bryan Couchman #design_rt_

Pattern Design #design_rt_